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Go ahead, take the lead! Spark some drama. 
Show your true colors. You’ve got what it takes. 
Screw perfection – live a little.

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Live a little

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Roar your thing

spark some

Surprising combinations, immediate impact. Well-thought and hand-made—by real people, for real people.
Jewelry is an essential, deeply personal message to yourself and to others. Affirm who you are, and let it show! 
An enigma of perfection and shyness—be who you are, boldly.


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A big hello from Anni and Ulf from Kuusankoski’s Taideruukki creative area!

Along with our Estonian-Danish backgrounds, we have traveled all over the world until we finally found ourselves here in the southeastern corner of Finland in Kouvola. Some might think this is a crazy idea for our multicultural family, but believe us, at Kouvola, things are good, if not the best! Hell yeah!

Gorgeous and chic - and bold - our inspirations are born in the centuries-old paper factory that is home to our workshop. Everything here is just like us, the old and the new, vintage and modern, a bit of everything! Littlebit Design, its story and products both, is anything but common or routine: emotions can be and must be shown, just nice is really boring and the attitude is everything. Screw perfection - live a little!

When you receive our products, you will know everything about them, from the name of the manufacturer to the name of the packer. Nothing is hidden, our passion is boldly on display in every piece of jewelry we make. With Littlebit Design, you know you’ll get something meaningful, relevant and very unique! At the same time, we support ethically sustainable handicrafts and our family-run business that has thrived in lives filled with love.

"We know we are really lucky, but we've worked so damn hard for this...and we still don't get pissed off about going to work!"



Take this personally

Get a thicker skin.

Littlebit Design is brave enough to say aloud what many of us merely think in the hidden corners of our minds. Handmade jewelry reflects the wearer’s spirit—Joyous. Positive. Rebellious. Or all of them, together!

Littlebit Design’s uncompromising goal is to achieve the WOW! reaction, for our customers and ourselves. Our jewelry is timeless, but sharp. It won’t catch the eye of the masses, but if it’s meant for you, it will bring you joy. In our workshop, sometimes the day sparkles with delight and sometimes it ponders in silence. The quiet and the joy, the dreamy wonder and the fierce passion: they are all a part of the product, our jewelry is shaped by emotion.

Every piece of jewelry from Littlebit Design is highly individual, unique and desirable. You won’t find a similar piece, even from us again.

Because the pursuit of perfection is futile and a quest for control is in vain, but whimsy is wonderful and daring is delightful. That's why Littlebit - devilishly good - Design!


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